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May-June 2019

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Submitted by Friendly on Mon, 2019-06-10 01:15

Here are the kittydays and observances for May and June 2019. We are a little late getting these up.


All May     Go Fetch! national food drive for homeless animals
All May     Chip Your Pet month
All May     Pet Cancer awareness month
All May     hypertension awareness month
All May     Responsible Animal Guardian month
All May     Community Cat Colony Caretakers Month
All May     Flea & Tick awareness month
May 3rd, 12th, and/or 30th     Hug your cat day
May 3rd     National specially-abled pets day
May 6th-12th     National Pet Week
May 6th-12th     Be Kind to Animals Week
May 12th     National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
May 24th?     National Kitten Day


All June   Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
All June   National Microchip Month (UK)
All June   International Community Cat Rescuers Month
All June   National Pet Preparedness month
June 2   Tick control awareness day (state of Rhode Island [and Providence Plantations])
June 2-8   Pet Appreciation Week
June 4   International Hug a Kitty Day (to go along with the two similar days in May)
June 9(second Sunday)   World Pet Memorial Day
June 11   Just One Day (without shelter euthanasia)
June 15   World Catnip Awareness Day
June 16-22   Animal Rights Awareness Week
June 17-21   Take Your Pet to Work Week ™
June 17   Take Your Cat to Work Day®
June 19   International Box Day
June 19   Garfield®'s birthday
June 19   National Pets in Film Day
June 24   Cat World Dominion Day
June 26   Aimable Cats first appeared online, 2014
June 28   @ParkerPrettycat's twbirthday (twitter birthday)
June 30   Multiple Pet Day
National Holidays
June 14   Flag Day (US)
June 23   Luxembourg
June 24   Québec


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