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Vet visit

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sat, 2019-08-03 23:59

I went to see the vet this past week.

Sunday night, I was acting kinda weird. I was rubbing my left ear on the computer. I tweeted more than I probably ever had in one night. You may have to be loggged in to twitter, but you can see those 16 tweets (and a few others I had my human type) by clicking on this link.

So he asked at the all-night clinic, and they said he should take me in. When my clinic opened, he callled for an apppointment around lunchtime. I went in, and one vettech took swabs of my ears. Another looked at me in the exam rooom. They didn't find anything wrong with my ears. This was the first time I had been to see the new vet. She had rearranged the furniture in the waiting room and the exam room. They still let me sit in my carrier so I felt a little more comfortable. It was a different vettech that came in for the exam.

They decided to turn it into my annual exam, since that was due at the end of August anyway. So I got a one-year rabies shot and a three-year FVRCP shot. Or maybe a GRC/RCMP shot. One of those.

Then he realized they didn't weigh me. So on Tuesday, he called the vet and we went for a ride again. The seatbelt was not working right, so I sat in my carrier on the floor for the 4/10 of a mile down there. They weighed me at 7 lb 13½ oz or so (which is around 3.6 kg -- he weighed me while the vet went back up front for something). Then he talked a litttle with the vet at the front counter. She has cats at home, but not at the clinic. It was different not having anykitty come up and try to snifff me when I sat in my carrier. Then we went home. He hasn't taken in my poop sample yet but plans to do so soon.

He only got three good pictures of the vet visit. There are a couple others of the computer where I was trying to get at it and the other side where I was not.

computer as attacked by the cat
normal end of the computer
Parker sitting in carrier in waiting room
Parker sitting in carrier in exam room
Parker in carrier during exam

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