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Submitted by Seshat on Sat, 2015-01-24 17:24

I like this sink

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He usually feeds me on the sink. In those rare occasions when he has to shut me in a room, the bathroom is where my litterbox and my food are. Plus he can store my current food and treats in the medicine chest.

I drink in the bedroom now, however.

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Meowmy got us one of those drinking fountain things and we love it. She got tired of me begging for her to turn on the faucet hehe Big Smile

mom has brother Anubis' but right now I am too little and it scares me, mom says when I get bigger she will put the fountain out for me!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat

I am two years old, I like to sit in the bathroom sink , steal socks and sit on the curtain rods!!
I has a Baby Brofur named Kephri

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