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Feature plans

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Submitted by Friendly on Sun, 2014-07-13 13:16

These are some of the features I am thinking about adding to the site.

  • Help manual
  • A domain just for Aimable Cats rather than using existing domain space
  • (Premium) branded email accounts on the Aimable Cats domain
  • A related domain for a French-language version of the site
  • Slide shows so users can upload multiple images in the same post
  • Advertising or sponsored posts relevant to cats and catlovers

These features I would like to add if possible.

  • animation of GIF images
  • a better way to resize images so they don't take forever to display without requiring users to make them smaller
  • Get the smileys to work properly on all posts

Thoughts, comments, features you want that I haven't thought of yet? Update (13 July): I have downloaded a new image module that would allow for better treatment of images -- in articles and blogposts with multiple images. I still need to figure out how to set it up, so I will be testing it on one of my other blogs before making it live here. Smileys seem to work better on blog posts / articles / etc. if you preview the post before you save it.

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they all sound good, especially the gif and the multiple photos per post options. a help manual would be good too.

Shadow and mom Jeanne

A couple other thoughts I have had :

  • the site could become an affiliate for some Cat products, so if you buy them online through this site, I would get a commission.
  • We all know cats can easily beat dogs in these online contests, but maybe a cat vs cat contest, either in challenge, round robin, or tournament form

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