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Three years ago

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Mon, 2015-06-08 02:45

Three years ago Sunday was my last night on this side of the Bridge.

I sat on his lap around dinner time and he could feel me purring. When he came to see us in the morning, I was no longer moving.

More of my story can be found at:

The pictures are of my grave marker last month, and of me on his back one time he brought a camera out when he fed us.


you are with my brothers now. lubs you!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat

I am two years old, I like to sit in the bathroom sink , steal socks and sit on the curtain rods!!
I has a Baby Brofur named Kephri

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I do miss you sometimes. Our human does too. He sometimes leaves me all alone all day with no one to talk to.

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