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Top 10 Posters

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Submitted by Friendly on Fri, 2015-06-26 16:40

Here is the list of the top posting cats for the first year of the site's existence. This includes articles, blog posts, and forum topics started. Not included were (69) administrative-type posts from Friendly, comments, statuses, or private messages.

1. Seshat (111 posts)
2. Mika (106)
3. Parker Prettykoshka (87)
4. Breezy Belle (62)
5. Butler Prettycat (33)
6t. Anubis (19)
6t. Shadow Owens (19)
8t. Charly Punkin Peppurrz Mysti (18)
8t. Little Man McDonald (18)
10. Friendly (13 non-catmin posts)

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