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Greetings ♥♥♥

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Submitted by Mika on Fri, 2015-08-14 08:16

Hi kitties! Just letting you know I'm still very alive and kicking. Mummy was away for 10 days and I had to watch the house. I did a very good job, even if I say so myself! Smile Sending you all lots of hugs from the land of the Belgians♥♥♥


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I'm glad she's home OK, is she making it up to you? hehe Big Smile How's Bono?

She's been giving me lots of cuddles and lots of extra yummy food. My heart missed a beat when I heard her call vet though! I thought: "Oh no! I already got my jabs! Not again, peleeze!" But then I heard her ask for the cat trap Smile Sorry, Bono, that'll be for you!!! He's got lots of scabs all over his body and Mummy also wants vet to give him those jabs that I get. Vet will bring the trap on Tuesday and Mummy said I'm not to warn Bono... Lots of hugs from the land of the Belgians ♥♥♥


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