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Cats with Hands

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Thu, 2015-08-20 14:46

There is another comic strip with cats. Our human found it when he was looking for Mister Boffo online.

Cats with hands / by Joe Martin features cats who live in the city and sit on the radiator to watch the world go by. Here are a few of the ones he likes...

I really like the one with the tuxedo cat. Meow Out Loud

cats reading a book
cats sitting by window
Einstein the cat
cat leaving the bedroom
cat-friendly motel
optimism and cannons
Rockwell on birds
Tuxedo cat comic
cats watching toy train
cats playing outfield


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Enjoyed reading these funny comic strips. Were they found in a newspaper or on the Internet? Mommy's maiden name is Martin but she doubts she is related to this Joe Martin. She never knew her dad's people and realizes that Martin is a very common name.

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I think he mostly finds them online, but he has seen it in a few newspapers.

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