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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Tue, 2015-12-08 00:51

We went to Alaska, too.

  1. First we got on the plane.
  2. Rico went to the bank while Simon and Nospot played on the mountain.
  3. Carnie went whale watching.
  4. Parker took a kayak down the Ketchican.
  5. Parker, Blanche, and Tasha kept warm with the polar bear cubs...
  6. ...while Truffles, Pretty Grey Lady, and I watched from a distance.
  7. Parker and Mama Kitty said hello the ptarmigan.
  8. Smudge took some kittens to watch the brown bears catch fish.
  9. Parker climbed the welcome sign for Barrow while Smudge, Rico, Truffles, and Mama Kitty sat under the sign with a random tourist. The high temperature in Barrow on Friday was 8 below zero Fahrenheit (minus 22 Celsius) and the sun did not rise at all.
cat by an Alaska Airlines 737
cats on the streets of Juneau
cat watching whales in Alaska
cat in kayak
cat and kittens with polar bear cubs
cats watching polar bears
cats and ptarmigan
cat and kittens with bears fishing for salmon
four cats at the Barrow welcome sign


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Wow, -8 below zero for the high temp sounds very, very cold! Me and my kitty furriends dressed very warm for our trip and Tabu wore her new winter cap and scarf. Puff is a long haired Maine Coon, still she bundled up real good. She tells me she still felt cold and was happy to take a break in that nice warm lodge where we dined on salmon, tuna, crab, giant burgers and Alaskan Pie. Hope you all kept warm while on your adventure.

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