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Pet ID week

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Thu, 2016-04-21 18:23

Friendly mentioned this is national pet ID week. Here are my thoughts.

When we were all feral, none of us wore any identification. When he had us all fixed, we got rabies tags. He got us collars, but we didn't like them. We kicked to try to take them off, and Truffles succeeded. He then took the other three collars off.

So when I became an inside cat, he tried a collar on me. I tried to bite at the bell, so he took that off. I tried to get out of the collar; I got it stuck around my mouth, so he took it off again.

Later, he found out about Sentry calming collars. So he tried one of those on me for a month. When it stayed on, he replaced it at the end of the month. He then gave me a pink collar. I couldn't resist the temptation to bite at the tag hanging down. Fortunately, he found a company that makes collar tags at the vet so I could have a tag on the collar that would not be such an obvious temptation. That's a good tag, and you can see it in the picture.

One time when Binx lived here, my collar came off when I was trying to get into a box. He then ordered another nametag and bought another collar. Then he found them before the new tag arrived.

What information do I have on my tag? I have my name, my human's cell phone number, and my microchip number with the tollfree number of the microchip company. (well, the first one, the company got me confused with some other Parker who lives down in the state of Texas, but they replaced it right away)

He had been thinking about whether or not to get a chip for me. Then the tornados hit Moore (Okla.), and he realized sometimes inside cats can become outside cats unexpectedly. If that ever happened to us, he would want to be able to get me back. (I would want to be able to get back to him, too. Who else would bend over so I can jump on his back to get to high places, or feed me and then go back to bed?) So he took me to the vet and they put it in. They checked it at my annual checkups a couple of times, too.

cat with collars and collar tag


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You look so pretty in pink Heart I've never heard of the calming collars, but that's a good idea Big Smile

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