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Morning excitement

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Tue, 2016-07-26 13:42

It's cooler today, so he opened the front window that looks out onto the balcony.

Well, no sooner had he opened it than Shtinky (the tabby who sorta lives downstairs) came to see me.

Then a little later, the neighborhood Virile Feral came by and mrrowed hello to me. He then decided he should feed them, and Shtinky came back. He gave them some water too, and I exscaped on one of his trips in through the door, but I didn't get too far before he brought me back in.

I don't like it when he feeds outside cats, but sometimes I forget that I was an outside cat when he first met me.

So here are some of those pictures.

Cat watching two other cats
cat at the window
cat watching cat out window
cat on balcony
cat under trees


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right now, Shtinky is eating the foood he left out for the Virile Feral. You can't see it on a picture, however.

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He never fed us that close to the house, though. MOst of the time, the inside cats couldn't even see us (but sometimes they did).

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