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Farm update

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Wed, 2016-07-27 01:12

Parker and our human went to visit the farm last week.

Smudge, our mother is still there. Our older sister Rico and younger sister Gracie still come around, as does our nephew Axel. A black cat who looks like truffles is also there. He's friendly, but a little smaller than Truffles, and his claws are not as black as Truffles's (or Truffles' ?) were.

He came to look for my grave marker, but he could not find it.

So here are some of the outside photo highlights.

two farm cats waiting for dinner
farm cat and dinner dish
weeds around cat's grave
lone black kitty
four farm cats at dinner
grey kitty in weeds
two cats along farm driveway
Tuxedo cat queen in sun
Tuxedo cat queen in weeds
Smudge and a black cat eating

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