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My trip to the farm

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Thu, 2016-07-28 22:24

If you read what Butler posted, you know we went to the farm last week.

I knew something was up when he put a Feliway bandana on me.

So... five or six hours each way in a hot car (the air conditioning wasn't working well; he will get that fixed as soon as the garage gets the parts. at least it's still under warranty). I complained for a good part of the first hour of the trip. Just when I was calmed down, we stopped at the PetSmart® halfway there like we usually do. He used the restroom, then he bought some food for me. He let me see the birdies, too Smile We got back to the car, and my carrier started to fall apart. So he put the food in the car, and took me inside to repair the carrier. I got to explore the training area a little. This was on a Friday, so there weren't many other animaux in the store.

We got to the farm. He got everything set up. Shortly after I got out, I took my bandana off. I looked out the window, and saw some birds and some dogs, and I may have seen some cows. He went away some the next day; when he came back, the other people came back too. I got to explore that room. He helped me climb by bending over so I could jump on his back and get to the high places. I explored the rest of the house a little when he put the cat who lives there (she's my sister from an older litter) away so we didn't fight -- she doesn't like me so much, and doesn't like him as much as she used to. I got to explore some places they down't want cats to explore Meow Out Loud ! I also got to sit on his lap some. I hid under the bed a lot. I didn't quite eat as much canned food as I ususally do.

One morning, after he saw one of the outside cats and fed him, he came back and had a tick on him. He got the tick off before it bit him or me.

Then it got to be time to go home. As he was packing, he could not find one of my toy socks -- the one with my name on it so you know it's mine (as seen in the second photo) ! During this time, I hid under the bed some more. I didn't want to come out to go into that carrier again. But eventuallly, I got in the carrier. He then tried to see if I could say hello to the house cat. I saw her, but she didnT like seeing me, so I went way with out getting to sniff her.

We got in the car, and I complained along the way. I don't know why he didn't put any toys in there with me. He stopped for some food and drink (he tried to stop somewhere else first, but he couldn't reach the drive thru menu and it was a touch screen -- I would have typed it for him Joke ! [not rellly, I would probably have run off into the woods]), and we stopped at the PetSmart halfway -- well, he went to the drive thru fast food place that's right there first, like we ususually do. When we went into the store this time, there were lots more cats and dogs and people than we ususally see there. One big black dog even came into the mens room (with its owner) while we were in there. He then tried to give me some water, but I was not interested. He stopped for something to drink once more before we got home. When we got home, he cleaned my litterbox before he let me out. I did have some water after he let me out, and some food as well.

He called, and they found my sock wrapped up in the quilt from the bed. They're sending it to him. I don't know if I'll get a new box out of the deal or not Meow Out Loud

So here are some pictures from the trip.

cat looking out the window
cat on lap with sock toy
cat on lap
cat looking out window
cat on top of door
cat on boxes on closet shelf
cat hiding under bed


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Oh, and while we were at PetSmart he saw someone who worked for the National Parker Service in her ranger uniform ! He didn't introduce me to her, however. Her nametag indicated she may have some connection to a family that has a bit of money in that city (based on how often they advertise on the radio and news sites).

The National Parker Service protects the prettiest places in the country, like Yellowstone National Parker, Yosemite National Parker, Isle Royale National Parker, Acadia National Parker, Prince William Forest Parker, and places like that. I'm so pretty that they named the National Parker service for me.

(My sister has the tropical island of Pretty Rico named for her, and they just named some of the places on Pluto after my mother Smudge, which is Macula in latin.)

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