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Thoughts and Prayer for August 3, 2015

Time for beddy bye; Monday is the hardest day for us, Mom goes back to work and we have to stay inside because it is too hot to be in the catio, but we adjust as the week goes on.

Tonight's painting is "Cat and Cake" by Robert Ellis and can be found in Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery's Gallery Additions exhibit album for November 21, 2014.


Thoughts and Prayers for August 1, 2015

We need to go to bed, Mom and Auntie Pat took a day trip to the beach and got back late, so we are all tired.

You can find tonight's painting in Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery, we are sorry we don't remember which album, but the painting is called "Making Beds" by Deborah Dewit

We hope that you found time to relax today and if not today, then tomorrow. It is important to have down time. So spend some time petting your cat, listen to the soft purr and take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of that pleasing sound.


Thoughts and Prayers for July 31, 2015

Time for goodnight.

You will find tonight's painting in Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery from tonight's event "A Celebration of Life for Our Prince" remembering Prince Pan Pan. This painting was Prince Pan Pan's favorite and ironically is called "The Bridge" by Carl Larsson. We hope you find it pleasing.


Our Prayers

On Facebook each night we say a prayer, it isn't necessarily about cats, but it is for humans that have and love cats. We do it because there is so much unhappiness and we want to give them something that will make them happy or lift their spirit. We do it to encourage kindness and compassion. And after all, don't we all need that, human and animal?

With the cruelty in the world, if we can help in some small way to encourage others to be better, to help others, to care more, to love more, to think of others more then we have accomplished what we intended.



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