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The Invader

We are on mouse watch, Auntie Pat thought she saw one in the bathroom, we tried to tell our humans that there was something in the kitchen, that is where we saw it. But we haven't seen it in a while, maybe it went out the same hole it came in. Mom hopes anyway. But just in case, we are standing watch; our humans are depending on us. They are helpless against such creatures.


Goodnight August 13, 2015

We are going to bed now.
The painting we are sharing is by the artist Pan Yuliang (潘玉良), which can be found in Prince Pan Pan's Royal Art Gallery's Gallery Additions - August 7, 2015 album, on Facebook

We just want to say that Mom is tired of politics already and we be a politics free zone. We may consider making fun of politics, maybe we will nominate one of our kitty friends to run for President. A cat President, that would be great.

Meow Out Loud



Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Bed

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