Galactic Federation of Felines

Hi. Breezy Belle here. Please go to the Fiction Forum on this site and read my suggestions on putting us felines and our humans back to doing some pawesome, meaningful and exciting work. Tell me what you think. Love and Purrs from Breezy Belle PS: Sorry I cannot find my post on the Fiction Forum!!!


Get ready to explore the Universe kitties



Breezy Bell here. Lets get people and cats back to some meaningful work. Lets build some super spacecraft and release some of this awesome technology like free engery and anti gravity. I am ready, are you? And if there are real ET's I am not afraid, are you? Sadly, too many humans are fearful and very closed minded. We kitties must lead the way and be the fearless creatures we were created to be. I have heard that many feline souls came from Lyra and I hope they will be willing to help us. This planet earth needs lots of help so lets get busy and make some plans.

My Sissy Fur Midnight is now in Heaven

Breezy here. I just got a message from Midnight. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in mid August of 2016. She has been busy exploring our big universe and tells me that the view from 5D (Spirit World) is fantastic. Midnight says she misses you all very much and sends all her friends lots of love and kitty purrs.




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