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Submitted by Friendly on Tue, 2014-07-08 19:00

I have noticed Smileys showing as the alt text instead of the picture in some of the older posts.

I have found that editing and resaving the post will fix the issue.

Also, recall that < 3 does not work for the heart here; we need either heart within asterisks *likethis* or V within parentheses (likethis). Heart Heart

Hi, is there a list some where of how to make the different smileys? thanks. Kitty Kisses from Anubis

I'm a spoiled baby and as the name suggest I think I'm a GOD

When you are typing your post or comment, in the box below your text but above the save button, there is the text Textual smiley will be replaced with graphical ones. Click on the words Textual smiley.

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