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F -- Friends (Furriends)

Breezy Belle's picture
Submitted by Breezy Belle on Fri, 2017-04-07 00:26

My sissy furs Blackberry and Satin (the twins) are best furriends. They often catnap together. They love to play together and chase each other and just hang out together a lot. They have done this since they were tiny kittens. If one starts to follow mommy the other one will also follow mommy. They are real buddies. Blackberry is very outgoing wheras Satin tends to be shy and quiet. I love my sissy furs.



Little Man McDonald's picture

What beautiful kitties Big Smile I guess my best furriend in our house would be Monkey, we actually groom each other some of the time. Other than that I just see my siblings as rivals for Meowmy's lap hehe

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