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G -- Goddess / God

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Submitted by Seshat on Sat, 2017-04-08 13:11

G is for Goddess and God. Mommy has named all of us Kitties after Egyptian Gods and Goddesses... well and one Pharaoh MOL. There has been Ramses, Anubis, Osiris and now Me Seshat and Kephri. We also all have had Six letters in our names!!

I am names after the Goddess of Scribes and Kephri is named after the God of Scarabs. Mommy always named her Kitties out of whatever book she was reading and when she got Brofur Ramses she was reading the Egyptian Book of the Dead!!

Below are the pictures of us then are pictures of Seshat and Kephri the Egyptian Goddess and God


make sure your humans either bow down before you with offerings of tasty food or lift you up where you can get to the tasty food

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