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L -- Lap

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Fri, 2017-04-14 17:07

L is for Lap.

When a human sits down, they make a lap, which is a nice place for kitties to sit and sleep. There, we have their complete attention, or at least enough that they won't forget about us. Parker and I got to know his lap from an early age, as did some of the other kitties. When our human goes to visit the cats at the vet, they like to sit on his lap sometimes, as well.

When the cats are small enough, more than one will fit on a lap. I was in a group of ten or eleven cats on our human's lap. One time, Smudge even nursed her kittens (the litter before us) on his lap.

Often times when humans sit and make a lap, they will be sitting there for a while, like then they watch a movie on the television. That's a good time to get up there. It's really frustrating to us when they have to get up, and to them when they can't because we're there.

So here are some cat-in-a-lap pictures...

five kittens in a lap
cat on a lap in early morning
two kittens on a lap
two kittens on one side of a lap
grey queen cat on a lap
three grown cats on a lap
tuxedo cat on lap
two cats on one lap
Tuxedo cat sitting on a lap


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Sissy furs Calie and Shadow are real lap cats. Sometimes they fight over mommy's lap and don't like to share. If I want to sit on mommy's lap I just jump up there and chase the others off. I am usually the most assertive cat in the house. Bro fur Tuffy likes to sit next to mommy on the arm of her large recliner chair where mommy likes to take short naps. I have seen as many as four cats sitting on mommy's lap and chair arms at the same time. Poor mommy can hardly move then but she loves us and hates to ask any of us to move. Mommy tries to continue her napping in the chair but we kitties often take up so much room she can't get in a comfortable position.

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sometimes I have to sit on his nontraditional lap when he's lying on the bed doing things or watching things on the computer. Sometimes he lies on his side and I'll get on top.


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