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M -- Meow

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Submitted by Seshat on Sat, 2017-04-15 12:03

M Is for MEOW.
There are all sort's of meow's us Kitties make. Some are loud and some are soft. some are sing-song and some are chirpy. My Brofur Ramses was very LOUD!! My Brofur Anubis went BLURP but it sounded like a sound. He was a Manx, and Manx and Bob tail make a sound when they Meow
Meowing is fun. You can do it to make your Hooman feed you, to play with you, to take you Outside-Outside, or to just annoy them!! What kind of meow do you make??
Kitty Kisses from Seshat and Kephri

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Some of the cats in our family meow more than others. Bro Fur Tuffy and sissy fur Tabu meow more than the rest of us. If it is extra quiet in the house, expecially in the evenings, they can meow for 10 or 15 minutes until mommy talks to them, pets them etc. Tuffy has the loudest meow in the house. Me, I will meow when I want a kitty treat but I don't meow a lots for attention; I just demand it by jumping up on mommy's lap. Sissy furs Calie and Shadow rarely meow but often purr a lot while on mommy's lab. If Calie gets upset about anything, she will meow very loudly.The twins, Blackberry and Satin both meow for attention but Satin has a very soft meow while Blackberry can be much louder. When Satin wants more attention she will often circle mommy and keep meowing softly.

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I'm usually pretty quiet with a soft meow unless I'm hungry. Meowmy says my meows when hungry raise the hair on the back of her neck, I guess I'm doing it right then mol

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There's the regular meow, there's the getupandfeedmenow meow (which sometimes mixxes some purrs in to really mess whith the human emotions), there's the you'restandingonmytail MEOW!, there's rhe really sad meow. I used that one last winter when he put my coat down on the bed instead of the couch.

His other cat Sandy had a whispered / silent / voiceless hmehowh that was effective at close range.

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