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P -- Poultry

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Wed, 2017-04-19 20:10

P is for poultry. Poultry refers to all those big birds that humans like to eat and comes from the french word poulet which means chicken.

Poultry, in the form of chicken, turkey, or duck, is often an ingredient in cat food. I don't know if the term refers to the birds we catch and eat on our own, like meadowlarks and bluebirds. We also had some wild turkeys on the farm that some people hunted when they weren't on our farm. There were some chicken farms in the area as well, and some neighbors had guinea fowl to eat the ticks.

Some of the chicken we eat is dehydrated and turned into dry kibble; other chicken is put in cans. It can be put in pâté or chunks or several different shapes. Sometimes it's mixed with turkey, tuna (which is some kind of a fish), other fish, or even cheese. I've heard some humans give their cats raw food to eat. We ate some raw food, but it was usually still warm.

Humans eat chicken and turkey, too. Their chicken has several different forms, and sometimes they even eat it in soup or take out the bones and put it in sandwiches.

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