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Choosing a Veterinarian

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Submitted by Friendly on Sun, 2016-07-10 18:13

This series of posts covers questions to consider when choosing a veterinarian. If you have a vet you and your humans like, you don't need to change. But when you do change (for whatever reason, including you or the vet moving to a new area), these are some things to consider and tips on how to find a vet who is a good fit.

There are five major categories of questions that will be considered in their own posts.

They are:

  1. About the office
  2. The office and Cats
  3. Payment for services
  4. Clinic staff
  5. Treatment

Keep following for the questions that you should at least consider. You might not be able to find someone with the right answers to all of them, but if you have enough right answers, you can have a good relationship with your vet.

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