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PREVIEW of some St. Patrick's Day outfits.

Hi Furriends. Breezy here. Mommy and I are posting a few picures of my (Breezy) and Sissy fur Calie's St. Patrick's Day outfits. Later we will post some outfits for brofur Tuffy and sissy furs Puff, Blackberry and Tabu. Let me know what you think.


Modem failed Friday!!

Breezy here. This new system for our Internet and telephone went down Friday afternoon. Everything including our telephone went down when this "new" charter modem died!! It was awful. Mommy called from neighbor's and was told they could not come out to fix all this until next week. Mommy really got upset and told them she had no transportation here and could not get by without a telephone. After much "talk" they agreed to come out Saturday evening. Well they brought us another modem this evening and we finally got our phone and Internet (wi fi) back on.



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