Did you set your clocks forward one hour?

Breezy here to remind her furriends to be sure their humans set their clocks ahead one hour Saturday night. It is now Daylight Savings time in the USA. Good news. We will have more daylight in the evenings and Spring is just around the corner (March 20th). Have a meowy great day.


Introducing Ramses

Hello dere,

This is Ramses, he was the kitten that came with the pregnant kitty. By the time we brought him in he was six months old, he is now about 11 months old. Tippi isn't happy with him, as he keeps trying to play with her and she doesn't want to play. He really can't take a hint.

We will share early photos of Ramses, his mom and the kittens later. But just wanted to introduce the newest member of our fur family right now.

~ Ruger



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